Sounding my own horn is completely out of character for me, so I prefer to let my colleagues, clients, and mentors do the talking. I instinctively fall into the practice of confident humility for my style of leadership. If this aligns with someone you're looking to work with, get in touch with me and let's have a coffee or beer.

“...He is hands down one of the best technology leaders I have had the pleasure of working with...”
Quote from Marissa Limsiaco
“...Brandon's technical abilities and attention to detail are exemplary. He is a asset for any team or organization...”
Quote from Girish Kapoor
“...Brandon was also one of my best manager. He has an excellent people management skill that make his people feel very comfortable to work with him. Brandon is always open with new ideas and encourage/support his people to do so...”
Quote from Hieu Ho
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I believe that finding time away from the profession is just as important as the profession itself. When I'm on my own dime, I enjoy working on my car, watching and coaching my son at baseball, and taking vacations with the family.





Me and my endless rotation of vehicles.

Finding time to smell the roses

As they say, “All work and no play makes Brandon a dull boy”

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